Smart Technology Every New Construction Plumbing Contractor Should Know About

In the near future, plumbing will be just about as digital as your smartphone. New construction plumbing contractors will work with screens that tell them exactly where to install pipes and how to configure the entire system.

Here are a few ways plumbing will get smart.


Recently developed smart faucets can connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands. Some faucets can dispense certain amounts of water, turn the faucet on or off, and heat up water. New construction plumbing contractors should familiarize themselves with the installation procedure and know the unique differences between various models and brands, like the Kohler Sensate Faucet and the Delta Touch20 faucets.


A 2015 survey found that nearly nine out of 10 Americans use their phones in the bathroom. So it’s only natural for bathrooms to catch up to the 21st century wave of smartification.

A smart shower system could have profiles for individuals in the household with specific showering preferences, such as temperature, water flow, shower duration, sound, steam and even special lighting. New construction plumbing contractors should understand how to instal the thermostatic digital shower valve and control panel.

Smart toilets are just as impressive as smart shower systems, with the ability to play music, heat the seat and the floor, raise and lower the lid, flush automatically and put on a light show. Smart toilets can even save presets for custom experiences. Though these options are out of the budget for most home buyers, it won’t be long until new construction plumbing contractors will also be expected to configure smart toilets. 

Well . . . The Entire Home

A whole home water monitoring system can monitor a household’s daily, weekly, and monthly water consumption, in addition to water pressure, flow rate and temperature. Some systems are even able to shut off the water during emergencies. Installing a whole home water monitoring system requires the expertise of a professional plumbing contractor.

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