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5 Trends in HVAC New Construction

Heating and air conditioning have come a long way since fireplaces and window air conditioners. Today, HVAC units are more efficient and some models are very eco-friendly. 

Builders should be aware of five trends in HVAC for new construction projects and get ready for some serious changes.

Shift towards electrification

Homeowners passionate about leaving a smaller carbon footprint are considering alternative energy options, such as geothermal and ductless HVAC systems. Heat pumps will also be a viable option for homes in cold climates, as regional moratoriums on gas usage begin to incentivize the use of heat pumps. The promise of lower utility costs and higher efficiency will further motivate homeowners to continue the shift towards electrification.

Demand for high-end HVAC and residential heating

A strong economy has given buyers more credit to invest in homes and the opportunity to consider high-end HVAC and residential heating options. Home builders should take the time to research the latest models on the market and be prepared to answer home buyers’ many questions. 

Compliance with new regulations

The Fan Energy Rating (FER), which took effect in 2019, is designed to reduce energy consumption and cut carbon pollution. For builders and HVAC new construction contractors, this means keeping an eye on new models and their improvements in performance.  

Improved comfort, efficiency and air quality

As technology continues to advance at lightning speeds, so will home buyers’ expectations. They will look for homes built with the latest HVAC systems that include highly efficient heating, cooling and ventilation modes. HVAC new construction contractors will be expected to understand the plumbing requirements of smart and alternative energy systems.

Greater connectivity

The next step in HVAC advancements is remote connectivity. According to The ACHR NEWS, homeowners “want to be able to monitor, and subsequently adjust, their home’s indoor climate when at work, outside, on vacation, or elsewhere.”

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