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What to Expect From New Construction Hospitality Plumbing Services

Hotel plumbing differs from plumbing for commercial or residential new construction projects in a number of ways. When scheduling new construction hospitality plumbing services, keep in mind the following steps a plumbing contractor may take.

Install hot water tempering valves to shield guests from overheated water.

Most hot tap water scalds are sustained in the bathroom, as a result of baths being heated to unsafe temperatures. To protect your guests, 20/20 Plumbing and Heating experts install hot water tempering valves. A tempering valve works by mixing hot and cold water to create tempered hot water. 

A tempering valve has two inputs (hot and cold water) and one output, which is the tempered hot water. Plumbing systems with an electronic tempering valve offer more flexibility in adjusting the set point, monitoring performance remotely and accessing information on a control screen.

Install specialty hot water equipment to meet the demands of hot water use.

Unlike the plumbing systems of residential and commercial buildings, hotel plumbing systems have to meet the highly fluctuating demands of guests. If, for example, there is a conference or convention being held nearby, many guests will be showering and using the bathroom at around the same time. This creates a very short peak demand period for hot water that may be difficult to meet without specialized hot water equipment.

20/20 Plumbing and Heating contractors will consider the hotel’s water needs at maximum capacity and recommend an appropriately sized plumbing system.

Design and install a plumbing layout in the kitchen that will streamline operations.

The kitchen is another area of the hotel that requires special planning. The kitchen space should be designed in a way that streamlines operations, saves on operating costs and takes into consideration plumbing needs. To ensure a well-planned layout, 20/20 Plumbing and Heating contractors are qualified to participate in the planning process.

Consider other simple maintenance options.

With heavy use comes a responsibility to provide frequent and timely maintenance. To help prevent serious plumbing issues and lower the cost of drain cleaning services in the future, 20/20 Plumbing and Heating recommends installing hair catchers. Installing low-flow devices can also help hotels save on water costs, without damaging the customers’ experience.

Reach out to 20/20 Plumbing and Heating for any questions about new construction plumbing services and more tips on planning your hospitality construction project.