How 20/20 Plumbing & Heating Harnesses Technology

In mid-2019, 20/20 Plumbing & Heating (20/20) began using Procore, software designed to support construction professionals, to manage its single family, multi-family, commercial and hospitality projects across California and Nevada. The benefits of Procore have well-exceeded the initial investment and 20/20 is excited to discuss how the technology has improved the company’s overall performance. 

The Benefits of Procore

The 20/20 team uses Procore across a wide range of activities and departments to manage documents, streamline communication, achieve project goals, and increase efficiency and productivity. 

For Contractors

20/20 contractors in the field can access project files through Procore and are able to upload pictures to document an accident, access project activity history, update project status, and view the latest blueprints. 

With Procore, 20/20 contractors have the tools and resources they need to stay on schedule and within budget. 

For Managers

Procore helps 20/20 managers anticipate delays and take steps to keep the project running smoothly. Each project is carefully documented and organized within Procore to help streamline processes and protect the 20/20 team from costly communication disputes.

Overall, Procore has helped increase collaboration and accountability so that each team member knows exactly what their responsibilities are and how to get the job done.

For the Leadership Team

The 20/20 leadership team uses Procore to gain a comprehensive view of plumbing and HVAC projects, team progress, and the overall success of each region. Actionable insights help the 20/20 leadership team make smart management decisions, capitalize on opportunities, and develop goals and strategies that will ensure a healthy and prosperous future for the company.

What This Means for 20/20 Partners and Clients

Since 2015, 20/20 has strived to deliver on its reputation for excellence and outstanding customer service. The company’s partners and clients rely on 20/20 to provide services that will meet quality standards for HVAC and plumbing projects — on-time and within budget. Thanks to Procore, 20/20 is able to deliver services for a wide range of projects, large and small, across California and Nevada.